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Hallam Family Practice is proud to present our optometry practice. It brings more services to Hallam and adjoining suburbs - come and experience our unrivalled level of service and the amazing deals on offer...

Our optometrist is qualified and registered to:

  • examine your eyes for vision disorders

  • prescribe, supply and repair spectacles

  • detect and diagnose signs of eye disease

  • detect and diagnose signs of health disorders involving the eyes

  • prescribe and supply contact lenses

  • analyse and treat eye co-ordination disorders

  • prescribe other specialised optical aids

  • contribute to the care of the partially sighted

  • advise on lighting.


Eye tests are BULK BILLED to Medicare so there are no out of pocket expenses*

*For eligible Medicare card holders who have not had an eye test in the last two years.


Visual Field Testing available onsite

We normally see a wide area of the space in front of us. Without moving our eyes, we see not only what is straight ahead, but some of what is above, below and off to either side. Most people are familiar with this as “peripheral vision.” The entire area in which we see is called the visual field.

Vision is usually best right in the middle of the visual field. That is why we turn our eyes toward objects that we want to see better. The further away from the center of our vision an object is, the less clearly we can see it. When an object moves far enough to the side, it disappears from our vision completely.

A visual field test measures two things:

  1. How far up, down, left and right the eye sees without moving.
  2. How sensitive the eye is in different parts of the visual field.

Why do people need a visual field test?

The visual field test can help the doctor find early signs of diseases like glaucoma that damage vision gradually. Some people with glaucoma do not notice any problems with their central vision, but the visual field test shows that peripheral vision is being lost.

A visual field test can also help the doctor find out more about the part of the nervous system that allows us to see. The visual part of the nervous system includes the retina (the “film” in the camera-like eye), the optic nerve (the “wire” that carries images from the retina to the brain) and the brain itself. Problems with any part of this system can change the visual field. There are well-known patterns in the test results that help doctors recognize certain types of injury or disease. By giving more visual field tests at regular intervals, doctors can also tell whether the patient is getting better or worse.


Visual Fields tests can be BULK BILLED for eligible patients*






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